Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Schneider Quartet Haydn Op. 33

I'll be doing the art work and CD inserts for this and for the Op. 20 post over the next several days, posting them by the weekend. I wanted to make this set of quartets available in the meantime, though. Their wit and good humor can't help by raise one's spirits during the endless winter. I cannot keep from giggling at the pizzicato chords in No. 4 that announce the end of the rollicking good time that the last movement of that quartet presents. Then there is, famously, the joke at the end of No. 2 for which the quartet got its nickname. All and all a group with perhaps less deep emotional engagement than the previous Op. 20, but impeccably crafted employing Haydn's new techniques of thematic development, every one of them thoroughly engaging and shot through with enviable wit.


  1. Thank you very much for tackling the Schneider Haydn Society recordings. It's one of those inexplicable gaps in the CD discography and I'm very happy to be able to get as many of them as you transfer in digital form. Great choice!

  2. I've been told that the master tapes are missing -- lost or stolen -- although you would think a pristine set of LPs would do for a transfer. But until something better comes along, I'm happy to work on the project and to listen again and again to these great performances of these great works. I'll be beginning OP. 50 soon, once a break-in period has tamed the treble on my new cartridge.

  3. Thank you for you noble efforts and for the joy of getting the entire Op. 33 with the Schneider quartet.

    The 'Bird' and the 'Joke' quartets are certainly the most popular pieces in the oevre, but other quartets are charming too.

    Is it possible to get any cover or track list to Op. 33 and Op. 50?