Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bach Geistliche Lieder. Cuenod. Roessel-Majdan Vol 3

Here is the next installment, volume 3 in the ongoing Bach Geistliche Leider with Hugues Cuenod and Hilde Roessel-Majdan.

I changed preamps between this post and the last, volume 2. There is some improvement, I think, although I hope it is not so drastic as to spoil the four renovations as a "set". I will compare the discs I have burned, and if I think it is a problem, I will redo the first two, though I do not promise that any time soon. They all sound pretty good, though, even if they end up not being an exact match.

Link to all files

Text and Music compliments of Neal's Historical Recordings

Friday, March 4, 2011

Haydn/Schneider Quartet links removed

CD's now available:

To all the visitors to Vinyl Fatigue who found your way here through a web search for the Schneider Quartet Haydn recordings: Thank you. Thank you, too, to all who have supported my Haydn project and have left such encouraging comments. I owe you all an explanation of why I have removed the links to my restorations.

Very recently, after a couple of months of preliminaries, I have begun a project that will see the Haydn Society/Schneider Quartet recordings issued complete, by the current owner of the original tapes, in a commercial CD edition. The result should be superior to what I have been able to achieve here, and it has long been my desire to see such an edition brought forth. I never in my life imagined I would be involved in such a venture, and I feel privileged to be so.

I was not asked to remove the links to my previous work. I felt, however, that leaving them up would be a serious conflict of interest, not to mention a breach of simple etiquette. My primary goal in starting the series on Vinyl Fatigue was to make these fine performances digitally available. It was my hope from the start that a show of interest would encourage making a CD edition. I am deeply gratified that hope will shortly be realized. For me it is a dream come true.

I thank you for your understanding and for your many kindnesses.