Monday, December 22, 2014

Schneider Quartet Haydn Now Available

The CD set of Schneider Quartet recordings of the Haydn String Quartets has been issued by Music and Arts and is now available for purchase through Music and Arts itself, or through Amazon.  I was made aware of this by Jonathan Angel, who I heartily thank for his email informing me of it.  His review of the set on just about says it all.

Although my restorations of the files were not used at the end of the day, I take some satisfaction in the fact that the project was started when the late Fred Maroth contacted me after seeing the postings of them on Vinyl Fatigue, and asked me to take on the project.  I was in over my head, but I'm very happy the the project was brought to completion by others.The digital restorations by Lani Spahr published in the CD set are an improvement over what I was able to do, and I would urge anyone who loves these recordings to get the CD's.  The original recordings were not state of the art for their time, nor were the recorded results consistent across the series. Those limitations are carried into the present, of course, but the performances themselves shine through any sonic limitations, and Lani Spahr has done a good job with what was available to work with. A job well done, and some of the most important and wonderful recordings ever made once again seeing the light of day.

Those of us who love these performances love them without reservation.  This is Haydn the way I want to hear it, with all the humor, tenderness, aristocratic refinement and  country bawdiness the music contains. There are slow movements here played with a the delicacy and awareness of suffering that can make you weep. And Haydn is one of the few composers who moves me to delighted laughter.

Enjoy this wonderful set!


  1. WOW!! You are BACK!! What joy! Are you going to continue posting? Sorry to badger you with questions but we have missed you SO SO MUCH!!!

    So we have a Haydn by the Schneider Quartet to seek out. I heard the Andrew Rose's Pro Arte Quartet and I was not much impressed. It's not what I had expected. I'm sorry that you can't post any of this new transfer of the Schneider by Lani!!!

    Anyway, so good, BUT SO ENORMOUSLY GOOD to see you back, that I'm bursting with joy!!!

    Thanks for the M&A's tip.

  2. Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I plan to be around a lot more this coming year, although learning Lao will cut into some of my music restoration time!

  3. Seconding Puck...a definite treat to know that you are still there! (I, for one, have spent far too much time mooning around about the site like some dropout hanging out in the high school parking lot, hoping to recapture something of the recent past.)

    Thanks for all the work, and glad to hear you're still there.

  4. Could you please tell us which recordings were taken from masters and which from lps?

  5. Could you please tell us which recordings were taken from masters and which from lps?