Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kaufman and Balsam Hindemith Sonata in D, Op. 11, No. 2

There is the promised addition to the post of the Poulenc sonata, with the same two artists. Like that, this is a first recording of the indicated work, although in this instance the piece dates back to 1918 and the recording was made in 1949. This along with the Poulenc, which can be found on the blog, were issued on one LP; I have two 45 rpm sets from which I made these digital files. Although I confess to finding a fair portion of Hindemith's music less than compellingly interesting, the string sonatas are uniformly wonderful.

I would have edited the previous post, but I couldn't get the art where I wanted it.

Link to all files


  1. Nice piece, well played, thank you.

  2. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by, and for letting me know you like the post.

  3. wonderful work you're doing here. brilliant!
    there's nothing like the sound of an old vinyl record.
    THANK YOU! (especially for the hindemith works)

  4. very very: Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the posts. It's always encouraging to hear that someone is enjoying your work. I find these Hindemith string compostions simply wonderful.