Sunday, January 10, 2010

Schneider Quartet Haydn Op. 17

Here is another post in the ongoing project to get as many of the Schneider Quartet recordings of Haydn online. Here is the first record of Op. 17, No. 1 in E Major and No. 4 in C minor. The other four quartets will go up over the next week or two, hopefully. My LP copies, bought used over the years, are not always in as good shape as I remember them being, but the renovated files nonetheless sound good to me, even if working from a pristine set of LPs would be a dream come true. I hope, as these posts are discovered, that others enjoy the performances as much as I do. Starting with this post, MP3s will be at a resolution of 254 kbps instead of 320. Posting MP3s larger than the lossless flac files made no sense to me.

All files, flac, mp3, and cover art, are in the folder linked below:


  1. Thank you so much for these performances.
    One question - the links for Op. 17, No. 3 appear to be incorrect. The links above bring one to Op. 17, No. 1, and the main folder link leads to Op. 17, No. 2 (which becomes apparent after download).
    If you don't have Op. 17/3 that's OK, but if you do, would it be possible to adjust the link?

    Thanks again for all of this - (AL)

  2. Thanks for calling the problem to my attention. I've just fixed the links, and they seem to work. I've simplied how I post links, so hopefully this sort of thing won't happen again. I'm glad you like the performances; I know have for many years, and the often overlooked Op. 17 is chock full of musical delights.

  3. I have copies of a good portion of the Schneider Quartet’s LPs that are still sealed, bought from the label's owner's widow. When I asked her if there were plans to issue the series on CD she told me that Schneider took back the master tapes. Transferring them is on my to-do list, but I think Music & Arts promised a digital release a few years ago.

  4. Addison: Thanks for the information. Previously a visitor to the blog told me that Music and Arts now has the master tapes. I can't verify that, but have no reason to doubt it, either. Until these recordings emerge from musical limbo, though, I'll continue to do the best renovations I can of them from the LPs I have. They are too important and too wonderful not to be available in some form or other. A professional job would be best, no doubt, but 'til that day......Thanks for stopping by and sharing your information.

  5. Thank you for posting the Op. 17 quartet with the Schneider quartet!
    The complete performances of this cycle (and of Haydn, Op. 9) are rare. The Konzerthaus Quartet Wien recorded four quartets from Op.17: it is great to have a chance to compare. I know the Konzerthaus performances from an out-of-print boxed set on the Austrian label Preiser: the Preiser likely ripped them from Westminster LPs.

  6. Sturla: Thanks for your comments. I love these quartets, eloquent testimony to Haydn's pre Op. 20 genius, and I love these performances. I don't know the Konzerthaus recording of these particular quartets, but quite like the Haydn I have heard them do. They play those that I do have more sweetly than the Schneider group, in a manner more -- well -- Viennese, not surprisingly. They are one of my favorite groups.