Friday, January 1, 2010

MP3 files being added to all posts

Today I began converting the renovations posted so far to 320kbps MP3 files for the convenience of those who do not want to deal with the added programs needed to work with FLAC files or the .rar archives in which I post those. I have posted the mp3 files in the ubiquitous .zip archive which just about anyone should be able to unpack. Still, I do recommend trying the FLAC files. The 320kbps mp3 files are NOT really lossless, despite how they are advertised. They are merely less lossy, probably good enough in most instances, but why not make sure you are getting it all? Especially as the music becomes more complex, I simply don't trust the MP3 files to deliver the "felt" as opposed to the obviously "heard" components of the audio file.

Be that as it may -- and perhaps it is all audio superstition on my part, though I don't think so -- I have begun the addition of MP3 versions with the Dave Van Ronk record. If you are waiting on MP3 files for one of the other posted records, keep checking back, as I will be posting them over the next several days. Future posts will include them as a matter of course.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Schneider Quartet recording of the Haydn String Quartets, made for the Haydn Society, will be the major project for the beginning of 2010, although there will be other things going up as well. Stay tuned.

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