Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Reiner conducts Pittsburgh Beethoven Symphony No 2

Fritz Reiner Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Beethoven Second Symphony

Once again I am working with a well worn LP with some outer groove problems. The performance is nonetheless worth listening through that. I believe the performance may have been reissued on CD in a boxed set, probably in better sound than I've been able to achieve. 

The performance has a bit more nervous impulse than I sometimes like in Beethoven, but it is exciting and Reiner's drive doesn't exhibit Toscanini's manic neurosis. 

The cover art art includes the Iberia with Reiner and the PSO, since my personal CD combined them. As that is something I have also put on the blog I left it as is.






  1. Larry, thanks for this great Reiner PSO performance. I thought your transfer was great... I didn't notice any of the outer groove problems you mentioned. I have always enjoyed Reiner's work from the PSO years when I have been lucky enough to find one of his recordings. Much appreciated. Burt

    1. Thanks. I have more Reiner on the way, but it may be January before I can post it.