Monday, February 21, 2011

Bach Geistliche Leider. Cuenod, Roessel-Majdan vol 2

The Second Volume of the Geistliche Lieder has been posted and may be found at the link below.

Link to all files


  1. Thanks a lot for your wonderful upload.
    However, I cannot understand why the bitrate of the second album is twice lower than that of the first.
    Have you changed the software and/or hardware between these two 'rip' sessions?

    Thanks once more!

  2. The difference in bit rate is because I inadvertently uploaded the first volume as a stereo file. The records are mono.

    My usual practice when I digitize a mono file is to do the original recording in stereo, run all my filters, etc., then sum the files back to the original mono. I don't hear any difference between the final two channel and the mono track.

    When I'm ambitious I'll get the first post converted to its original mono.