Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redo of Die Himmel Erzählen Die Ehre Gottes with Scherchen

I have just reposted the files for Bach Cantata No. 76 with Scherchen, removing the original restorations, which I thought produced a harsh treble. The new files are not THAT different, and the highs have plenty of room, but the unpleasant shrillness of the first post has been ameliorated.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause anyone wishing to download a better version.


  1. Larry,

    Could you do me (and, I hope, the world) a profound favor by posting the Complete Carl Ruggles that was released on Columbia in 1981 under the loving baton of Michael Tilson Thomas? This set has never been issued on CD and I fear that Carl is getting criminally short shrift by music bloggers. Thanks if you can help. You've become the only person I can turn to. Although I can and do listen to the LPs, I am distressed by the neglect of our craggiest musical transcendentalist. If I am not mistaken, the esteemed Anton Webern conducted "Sun Treader" in 1931 (that's a hint to Mr. Boulez). I'd hate to think that first performance was the last Vienna heard of him.

  2. David: Unfortunately I do not have the records you mention. I have Suntreader with Tilson Thomas and the Boston Symphony Orchestra on LP, but that performance does seem to have made it to CD. If anyone can provide me with either raw WAV or FLAC files, I will gladly clean them up and post them, though. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out for the record.