Saturday, May 1, 2010

Schneider Quartet Haydn Op. 50

For some time now I've been neglecting one of the main reasons I started the blog: Posting digital versions of the Schneider Quartet recordings of the Haydn Quartets, at least as many of them as I have.

Today I am putting up the first two quartets of Op. 50, No. 1 in B flat and No. 2 in C. The other four will follow shortly, so check back to this posting to which I will simply add the others over the next several days.

June 6, 2010

The 3rd and 4th quartets in the group are now available in the same folder, linked below.

The 5th and 6th quartets of op 50 have now been posted.


  1. Hew Lawrence, I have enjoyed your previous Schneider Quartet Haydn a great deal, and this looks like a worthy addition to the series.

    The FLAC file of op. 50 no. 1 is corrupt, however --- can you repost? TWS

  2. Hi TWS, thanks for letting me know. I'll try to repost this evening. By tomorrow, certainly. I'm glad you are enjoying the Schneider Quartet Haydn. I adore these performances and the music.

  3. Ok. The FLAC of Op.50 No.1 is reposted. I downloaded and extracted the new file, so I hope all is well. The problem always seems to be that files become corrupted during upload. Anyway, hope you enjoy the music.

  4. Thanks so much for the repost, which downloaded and extracted perfectly. As always, I appreciate the music and informed commentary. TWS

  5. Thank you very much for this treasure... Alexander Schneider was for sure a fantastic musician

  6. Hi Larry,

    Eagerly awaiting the rest of these. All of the Schneider postings are magnificent!


  7. Hi Carlos and Fred:
    Thanks for your kind comments. The 3rd and 4th of this set are just about ready to post; I just didn't have time to convert the restored wav files before I left Albuquerue for Colorado Springs to enjoy the long weekend. They'll be up by Tuesday, though, with the last two to follow shortly

    I love these recordings too, and had several CDs of them for my drive north.

    Hope you're enjoying your long weekend, Fred. And Carlos, your apartment to rent in Montmatre sounds lovely. Bonne chance pour le louer.

  8. Grreat idea, Larry! I have the Op. 0 (divertimento) and Op. 1 quartets on LP and would love to share! I'll try and post it on my blog soon. Looking forwrd to your posts too!


  9. Hi Squirrel. thanks for the kind words. I've actually got Op. 1 already in wav files on my hard drive, ready for processing and posting some time early next week. Feel free to post yours, though; you can't have too much Schneider Quartet Haydn out there. I'm very curious, indeed, though, about the divertimento, one that I don't have. My plan is to finish the op.50 then get Op. 1 ready, followed by Op. 76. I only have the first two quartet of Op. 2, so I'm still looking to complete the series. Op 17, 20, 33, 42, 77, 103, and the Seven Last Words are all on the blog already, although some need revisiting, I think.

    Anyway. I'm really curious about the Divertimento (HINT HINT), and would love to hear it. Hope you had a good long weekend.

  10. Your wish is granted! This is a lovely transfer of an excellent recording of a charming piece, too...

  11. Lawrence, any chance we can get the cover art for the op. 50? Fabulous music making, by the way. TWS

  12. TWS: I will indeed get the covers up, but I'm afraid not immediately. I quite busy outside the blog and will be getting more so until the middle of July. Eventually I'll set up my studio lights and photograph all the Haydn covers I have missed, but as I no longer have a separate room for the light set-up, it becomes a major project. I didn't like the results scanning them.