Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where Have I Been?

After making regular posts for months, I have been absent these last weeks, so I wanted my friends who have visited, left comments, and otherwise supported my efforts on the blog to know that I hope to pick up a more regular pace soon.

The current absence began with my car unexpectedly giving up the ghost, requiring the purchase of a new automobile. I assume I'm not alone in feeling like I've just jumped off a cliff when I buy a new car -- on time, bien sûr!; I'm very American that way. I've also increased my work hours, a good thing, given my automotive needs, and I'm experiencing unusually debilitating Spring allergies that leave me with almost no energy for personal projects after work. Also, my elderly mother was hospitalized recently, as a result, it turns out, of a misprescribed medication. But it caused some anxious days.

In terms of things musical: The new car has a very nice sound system for its class, with satellite radio. I'm listening to a lot of blues and jazz while driving. And I have a stack of LPs I want to get to work on.

Finally, I'd like to acknowledge the brilliant musical career of Arthur Winograd, who passed away last Thursday, April 22, at the age of 90. Tonight I plan to listen to the first Julliard recording of some of the Bartok quartets, in which Winograd was cellist, as a kind of "in memoriam" to this fine musician.

My next post will contain music.


  1. Hi Larry! Good to have you back. Hope both you and your mom are feeling better.

  2. Thanks Buster! Things are definitely looking up, and I should be able to post something soon.

  3. Hi Larry,

    Allergies...I feel for you. Forty year hayfever sufferer here. As for your mom, good luck and hope everything is better now!

    I've got a little tribute to Arthur Winograd that I have to get up...Marches from operas with the Virtuoso Symphony of London. Keep an eye out.

    A new car is always fun! Someday my wife will let me buy a convertible! I hope...


  4. Thank you all, for your kinds words. I have an interesting May Day post ready to go up -- a musical bit of worker solidarity for some, a document of American labor history for others. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, though,I think you will find it rather fun.

  5. Nice to see you back, best wishes to both you & your mum for hoping you're both feeling better soon-your music is always kindly appreciated