Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Thank You to All My New Visitors

Recently, thanks in large part to a link from Busters Big 10-Inch Record, Vinyl Fatigue has gone from a sleepy, musical backwater on the web to a blog with a lot of activity. I want to thank all those who have visited and/or left comments. I have tried to respond to new commentary -- I had turned on comment moderation as a dependable means of being able to keep track of what was happening in the comments area -- and will continue to try to do so. If for some reason, though, your comment was not acknowledged, please accept my apologies. Several comments have been coming in at once, a new experience that delights me, but which may have resulted in oversights while responding. Next up is a transfer of an old 78 rpm set of the two Roumanian Rhapsodies by Enesco, the first performed by Ormandy and the Philadelphia, the second with Hans Kindler and the National Orchestra he founded. Then another recording of the Bartok Divertimento, this time on Bartok Records with Tibor Serly at the helm, a record with some delightful Gesualdo and Scarlatti arrangements, pointing to their "modern" harmonies, as filler. There is a complete Romeo and Juliet of Berlioz, led by Dmitri Mitropouos, in the offing, as well as a Haydn Symphony no. 94 (Surprise) with Koussevitsky and the BSO. And my new cartridge is just about broken in enough to start the Haydn Op. 50 in my ongoing Schneider Quartet/Haydn Society project. So stay tuned, and thank you so much for your support and encouragement.


  1. Not at all. You're doing great work. Long may you prosper.

    Best wishes

  2. I wandered over after seeing a link to you on High Ponytail, another great needledrop blog. The are many riches here that will take some time to download and enjoy --- I sampled some wonderful Bartok today and tomorrow I shall be back for some Haydn. Best of luck to what looks like a great blog. TWS

  3. Phillip and TWS: Thanks for your kind comments. I happy you have enjoyed some of the posts. As for wonderfully performed Bartok: Well, it's one of life's supreme pleasures, for me at least.

  4. Hi Lawrence-
    Nice blog! i've recently started one of my own, and I'm pleased to join leagues with you and buster and the others.

    I've got your site linked there so, as soon as I have any traffic, hopefully I can send some your way.

    Now I'll go download some of these interesting posts. It will make pleasant iPod fodder. Cheers!


  5. I hope this isn't a "repeat" post. I was informed by Fred Maroth, of Music & Arts, that he has the mastertapes of the Schneider quartet Haydn recordings - but was afraid to issue them after a financial loss from the Haydn Society/Lili Kraus set they issued. I also though that, somehow, "Pristine Recordings" - which has issued many of the Music & Arts recordings as downloads for pay would issue them. I would certainly want to buy them!

    In the meantime, thank you so much for your downloads (it beats cleaning up my old lp's or climbing up ladders to get reel-to-reel tape copies I made years ago.

    Best regards from over here and keep up the good work!